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Why Dot Net? Why another programming language to master? The presence of so many programming languages in the market makes the life of software professional harder as there are so many languages to choose from. Is there a programming language that supports many other programming languages? Yes. There is and Dot Net is the answer.

Dot Net as a programming language support many other programming languages such as C#, F#, VB.Net and many more. If Dot Net is the language to choose from many, then SHOPWEB is the institute to choose among many other institutes. SHOPWEB offers the BEST DOT NET COURSE IN BHUBANESWAR AND CUTTACK. SHOPWEB offers real time and placement oriented DOT NET training in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack. SHOPWEB is the BEST DOT NET TRAINING CENTRE IN BHUBANESWAR AND CUTTACK.

The training courses offered by SHOPWEB ranges from basic to advanced level. SHOPWEB is the BEST DOT NET TRAINING CENTRE IN BHUBANESWAR AND CUTTACK. SHOPWEB lets you learn from various job related projects which mainly focuses on job oriented practical problems. SHOPWEB offers DOT NET LIVE PROJECT TRAINING IN BHUBANESWAR AND CUTTACK. Dot Net is an open source technology which is a software framework and has been developed by the best software company in the world i.e. Microsoft. Many organizations are adapting to Dot Net to develop various software. Dot Net has a large class library called as Framework class library (FCL). SHOPWEB has incorporated all the necessary information to its training program that is required for a student to gain and become a champion in this domain.

SHOPWEB offers the BEST DOT NET COURSE IN BHUBANESWAR AND CUTTACK. Since Microsoft has developed Dot Net, all the Microsoft’s future technologies will be depending upon this particular programming language. This shows the scope for fresh and experienced Dot Net developers in the years to come. SHOPWEB understands this demand and has managed its course structure as per the future needs of the industry.

SHOPWEB has put the best minds in the form of trainers to train the young and innovative minds to help them grow and prosper in the field of Dot Net. SHOPWEB is the BEST DOT NET TRAINING INSTITUTE IN BHUBANESWAR AND CUTTACK. Dot Net has been developed by Microsoft and is being developed continuously since its introduction to the IT world. Microsoft has already planned many technologies supported by Dot Net. Many companies are starting to adapt to Dot Net to develop their required software.

It confirms the future growth for the Dot Net developers and assures them to become leaders in this competitive world in years to come. Large numbers of CMM level 5 organisations are on the look for fresh and experienced Dot Net developers to hire to fill in their vacant positions. SHOPWEB offers its students multiple opportunities to get hired by MNCs globally in the field of Dot Net programming language.

SHOPWEB has the BEST DOT NET COURSE STRUCTURE IN BHUBANESWAR AND CUTTACK which has been designed as per the future growth model in the industry. India is the hub of global software IT industry after Silicon Valley. India’s IT industry grew by 7.7% in FY2017. India’s share in the global software market was approximately 38% in FY2017.

This shows the scope of immense growth for Dot Net developers. India is driven by a non-linear and exponential growth model in the IT industry. India’s revenue from IT services is approximately US$66 billion. This shows that your career is in the right direction and you are on your way to success. SHOPWEB assures you a bright future with its BEST DOT NET COURSE STRUCTURE IN BHUBANESWAR AND CUTTACK. Dot Net has a robust platform which forces many companies to switch to the usage of Dot Net programming language. As a Dot Net developer, students can build their career on Windows application Developer, IOS Developer, Technology Architect, UI Designer, Web Developer and many more.

Course Structure

(i) Net Framework and CLR

(ii) Introduction to Visual studio

Introduction to C

(i) Overview of C#

(ii) Data Types

(iii) Memory Concept

(iv) Control Structures

(v) Arrays

(vi) Namespaces

Object Oriented Programming

(i) Classes and Objects

(ii) Constructors

(iii) Inheritance

(iv) Polymorphism

(v) Abstract

(vi) Interface

(vii) Delegates

(viii) Exception Handling

(ix) Reflections

(x) Indexers

(xi) Threading

Graphical User Interface

(i) Intro to Win forms

(ii) Event handling

(iii) Toolbox

(iv) Custom toolbox controls

(v) User defined controls

(vi) Graphic controls

(vii) Files and streams

(ix) Software Development

MS SQL Server

(i) Intro to databases

(ii) Relational database concepts

(iii) Structured Query Language

(iv) Stored Procedures

(v) Functions

(vi) Triggers


(i) Intro to Web forms

(ii) Web Controls

(iii) Server Controls

(iv) Client Controls

(v) Navigation Controls

(vi) Validations

(vii) Master Page

(viii) State Management Techniques

(ix) Caching

(x) AJAX

(xi) Web Services

(xii) WPF

(xiii) Silverlight

Project Work

(i) Development

(ii) Unit Testing

(iii) Deployment

(iv) Documentation

Advantages of using Dot Net programming language:

(i) Allows support to many other programming languages

(ii) Dot Net has a robust platform

(iii) Dot Net integrates various communication media such as email, fax and phones

(iv) Allows smooth interface with Windows or Microsoft.

(v) Most consistent programming language

(vi) Allows exceptional memory management, exceptional handling and many more flexibilities.


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