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Do you aspire to be a famous and well earning graphic designer and multimedia professional? Look no further than one of the best Photoshop training centers in Bhubaneswar, Cuttack – Shopweb Technologies. Adobe Photoshop is an iconic photo editing and image processing application that acts like a magic wand in the hands of trained graphic designers.

With highly skilled and most experienced faculty team to teach, you will gain in-depth knowledge and application techniques that you won’t have access to anywhere else. Rest assured if you are passionate about excelling in Photoshop you will have no dearth of career opportunities after completing the professional short term course at one of the top Photoshop training centers in Bhubaneswar, Cuttack.

Course Structure

1. Software Installation

2. Types of Images

3. Types of resolution

4. Introduction to Photoshop

5. Raster and Vector Graphics

6. Overview of Workspace

7. Color Modes

8. Tools

Selection tools

Crop and Slice tools

Retouching tools

Drawing tools

Type Tools

Navigation tools

Annotation tools

Measurement tools

Tools using option bar

Rulers, Grids and Guides

9. Layers

Layer Basics

Grouping and Link layers

Layer Effects and Styles

Smart Objects

Smart Filters

Blending Modes

10. Masking Concepts

Layer Mask

Vector Mask

Create Clipping Mask

11. Filters

Filter Basics

Filter Effects

Lighting Filters

Lighting Filters


Creating Animated Gif files

Designing different styles of Menu Bars

Design Logos and Banners

Design Buttons and Icons

Design a Web Layouts


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