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The two most powerful and most commonly used software in the current IT industry are Php/My SQL. Php stands for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. If you want to pursue your career in the field of Php/My SQL, then SHOPWEB is the place to find. SHOPWEB offers the BBEST PHP COURSE IN BHUBANESWAR AND CUTTACK. SHOPWEB is the BEST TRAINING INSTITUTE IN BHUBANESWAR AND CUTTACK with state-of-the art facilities. Our trainers have the best minds in the IT industry and stand out with exceptional technical skills among their competitors. This makes SHOPWEB the BEST TRAINING CENTER IN BHUBANESWAR AND CUTTACK. PHP is a server side scripting language.

It is also used for designing simple and complex websites. The biggest software industries in the global market use PHP as a tool to design and develop their websites. This shows the demand for current and future PHP developers in the local and in the global market. PHP can also be used as a programming language.

It can be launched from multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac. This shows the user friendliness of PHP. SHOPWEB understand the demand in the current IT industry for PHP developers and assures great success in this field. SHOPWEB is the BEST TRAINING CENTER IN BHUBANESWAR AND CUTTACK.

SHOPWEB let you walk in as aspirants and assures you to let go as confident PHP developers. SHOPWEB HAS THE BEST COURSE STRUCTURE IN BHUBANESWAR AND CUTTACK and this course structures have been designed by keeping in mind the current and future demands in the IT industry. SHOPWEB is the BEST PHP INSTITUTE IN BHUBANESWAR AND CUTTACK. SHOPWEB offers you to WORK ON LIVE PROJECTS IN BHUBANESWAR AND CUTTACK. PHP can also be used for client side graphical user interface (GUI) and command line scripting applications.

Are you worried about your future? Are you worried about being placed in MNCs? Would you like to earn a double digit salary in your future career? Then SHOPWEB will make your dreams come true. SHOPWEB has the BEST PHP COURSE STRUCTURE IN BHUBANESWAR AND CUTTACK which has been designed as per the future growth model in the industry.
There is large scope for development in the field of PHP in the current and future IT industry. India is the hub of global software IT industry after Silicon Valley. India’s IT industry grew by 7.7% in FY2017. India’s share in the global software market was approximately 38% in FY2017. This shows the scope of immense growth for PHP developers. India is driven by a non-linear and exponential growth model in the IT industry. India’s revenue from IT services is approximately US$66 billion.
This shows that your career is in the right direction and you are on your way to success. SHOPWEB assures you a bright future with its BEST PHP COURSE STRUCTURE IN BHUBANESWAR AND CUTTACK.

SHOPWEB will let you become successful PHP developers. You will rule the world. PHP developers work at their own will. You will be able to provide freelancing jobs to various IT industries after becoming successful PHP developers.
You become your own boss by becoming an entrepreneur by providing your valuable services to many industries. SHOPWEB also increases your scope for getting hired by the biggest software giants in the industry. The biggest cherry in the software industries such as Microsoft, IBM, Siemens, APPLE and many other MNCs are on the hunt for talented, innovative and creative PHP developers. SHOPWEB gives you multiple opportunities to be in your dream organization in your future.


Course Structure

Introduction to PHP MySQL

(i)Discussion of Three Tier Architecture

(ii) How PHP works with the Web Server

(iii) Hardware and Software requirements

(iv) Saving data for later

(v) Receiving user input

(vi) Repeating code

Learning PHP

(i)PHP Basics

(ii) Conditions and Branches

(iii) Loops

(iv) Variables and Arrays


(vi) Functions

MySQL databases

(i)Database Basics

(ii)Loading a Database

(iii)MySQL command Interpreter

(iv)Creating a database

(v)Modifying a database

(vi)Administering a database


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