Web design is now an integral part of all the industries all around the globe. Today’s IT and software industries are on the hunt for fresher and experienced web designers to develop websites, interfaces and many other applications for their needs to satisfy the clients and customers. Web designing requires many different skills to be mastered to design and develop a clean, clear and accurate web site which require a lot of technical knowledge in this domain.

SHOPWEB understands the current and future needs of this domain and has established itself as one of the BEST WEB DESIGNING TRAINING CENTER IN BHUBANESWAR AND CUTTACK. SHOPWEB offers the BEST WEB DEISSGNING COURSES IN BHUBANESWAR AND CUTTACK with its great team of technical trainers. SHOPWEB has designed its training courses as per the current and future needs in the domain of web designing which makes sure that you get your hands on all the latest tools and learn the ropes to be the best in the business.

SHOPWEB provides you with multiple career opportunities with its training programs to get hired by the software stalwarts globally. SHOPWEB lets you work on WEB DESIGNING LIVE PROJECTS TRAINING IN BHUBANESWAR AND CUTTACK. SHOPWEB is the BEST WEB DESIGNING CENTRE IN BHUBANESWAR AND CUTTACK with its up-to-date facilities and technical capabilities at the present time. Web designing consists of many activities such as graphic design, interface design, search engine optimization, user experience design. Web designing is a combination of many processes which determines the layouts, colours, text styles, images, structures, interactive features to be used by the end users. SHOPWEB offers you the BEST WEB DESIGNING TRAINING IN BHUBANESWAR AND CUTTACK.

SHOPWEB provides client and server concepts, CSS, php, Dphp, Xphp, php5, Java script, real time project and web designing placement training. Web designing means designing the front end or the client side interfaces of a website. Web site designers come across various scenarios or requirements and hence need to consider requirements for Business-to-customer or Business-to-business design considerations.

There shouldn’t be any clash between the clarity and the accuracy of the information mentioned in the website. SHOPWEB lets you learn these ropes at the elementary level of your professional career and helps you to bring out the best in you as a professional. With all the facilities and support from a great technical team makes SHOPWEB the BEST WEB DESIGNING TRAINING CENTRE IN BHUBANESWAR AND CUTTACK.

SHOPWEB has the BEST WEB DESIGNING COURSE STRUCTURE IN BHUBANESWAR AND CUTTACK which has been designed as per the future growth model in the industry. There is large scope for development in the field of Web designing in the current and future IT industry. India is the hub of global software IT industry after Silicon Valley.

India’s IT industry grew by 7.7% in FY2017. India’s share in the global software market was approximately 38% in FY2017. This shows the scope of immense growth for Web designers. India is driven by a non-linear and exponential growth model in the IT industry. India’s revenue from IT services is approximately US$66 billion. This shows that your career is in the right direction and you are on your way to success. SHOPWEB assures you a bright future with its BEST WEB DESIGNING COURSE STRUCTURE IN BHUBANESWAR AND CURTTACK. Web designing is one of the biggest industries right now in India and in the rest of the world. Web designing as a career opportunity promises a lot of scope at the moment and also in the future. All the software stalwarts hire fresher as well as experienced web designers to design the required websites to make their presence felt all over the globe and to be easily accessible in the foreign market. These software companies put the fresher candidates under intensive training and let them learn the ropes of the tools. Web designing has a lot of scope in the field of application development mainly in smart phones. 1 billion out of 6 billion global mobile phone users are from India. The number of mobile phone subscribers increases by 6 million each month. This is a huge number. This also shows the scope and demand for web designers in various fields. So with the help of SHOPWEB’s BEST WEB DESIGNING COURSE IN BHUBANESWAR AND CUTTACK, the students can achieve their dreams and build their career in their field of interest. They can become the rulers of the modern as well as of the future world.

Course Structure

What is Web Design

(i)Introduction to Web Design

(ii)Domain Names & DNS

(iii)Client and Server Software

(iv)Static& Dynamic

(v)Careers in Web Technologies

(vi)Permalink Structure

Adobe Photoshop CSS-2

(i)Introduction of Stock Photography

(ii)Types of Images and Image Editing Tools

(iii)Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

(iv)Using Photoshop Tools

(v)Layers, Actions and Filters

(vi)Creating Custom Effects

(vii)Design Banners, Basic Website Layout

(viii)Design Complex website Layout

(ix)Conversation of PSD to Xphp

Adobe Flash

(i)Introduction to Animation

(ii)Introduction to Adobe Flash

(iii)Tools in Adobe Flash

(iv)Frame Animation

(v)Various Flash Effects

(vi)Creating Flash Banners

(vii)Creating Flash Intro’s

(viii)Creating Flash Website

php & Dphp

(i)Structure of php

(ii)Basic php Tags

(iii)Advanced php Tags

(iv)Difference between php & Dphp

(v)Dphp Basic tags

(vi)Introduction to Doc Types

(vii)Creating Simple php Pages

Cascading Style Sheets

(i)Introduction of CSS

(ii)Types of style sheets

(iii)Types of CSS Selectors

(iv)Complete CSS properties

(v)Converting Table layout to CSS

(vi)Custom CSS Layout Design

(vii)Creating simple and dropdown menus

(viii)Creating Appealing forms using CSS

(ix)CSS Tips and Tricks with Hacks


(i)Client and Server side scripting

(ii)Introduction to Java Scripting

(iii)Types of Java Scripts

(iv)Variables, operators, loops

(v)Objects, Events and DOM

(vi)Common java script function

(vii)Using Java script in Dreamweaver

(viii)Java Script Validations

(ix)Introduction to Ajax

(x)Real time Ajax Examples

Adobe Dreamweaver CS3

(i)Intro to Adobe Dreamweaver

(ii)Learning the interface

(iii)Defining a Dreamweaver site

(iv)Adding Content and Multimedia

(v)Creating user submission forms

(vi)Importing a website design

(vii)Dynamic Features

How to create a Website

(i)Client Requirements/Specifications

(ii)Creating a concept and layout

(iii)Choosing a Color Scheme

(iv)Choosing Stock Photography

(v)Texture and Typography

(vi)Design a Professional Layout

(vii)Conversation of PSD to CSS

(viii)Implementing JavaScript

Advantages of Web designers:

(i)Learn many valuable things in a short period of time

(ii)Provide free lancing services to multiple industries.

(iii)Be your own boss and work at will

(iv)Scope of working from home

(v)Become entrepreneurs by providing value added services to industries

(vi)Be the leader of the future


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